What is Kaboudle PM?

Kaboudle PM is a one-stop site that contains the whole kit and Kaboudle for the property management industry. It is a fee-paying subscription membership site for people engaged in the property management industry. For a small membership fee members will belong to a global property management business community – a place where everyone wants to belong, gather, seek, and share.

What’s in Kaboudle PM?

Kaboudle PM offers it’s member 9 key areas of specialty and support, assisting the member with every possible aspect of property management business ownership and continued development.

PM Resources

Offers license to use every conceivable resource and document required for managing a property management business right through to client service and operations. Over 500 fillable resources and documents


Provides online training courses to help develop and train team members and business owners in all aspects of service and operations; business and leadership; growth and prospecting.


List of partners who offer relevant products and services to the property management industry and people who work within the industry that provide a competitive edge for property management.

Event calendar

Calendar of activities, training, and events that are offered by partners and or the industry for members to attend or participate in either by way of payment or free.


Platform for members to directly interact with one another and with industry leaders in terms of discussions and getting reliable and informed answers to topics or questions posted in the forum.

Discounts and Promotions

Smorgasbord of Partners’ discounted products and services or promotions offered exclusively to members,


Selection of expert and industry leaders’ eBooks explaining key principles and strategies to adapt to the industry.


Access to a lots of useful and interesting blogs from our partners.

Podcast and Videos

Offers a library of videos and podcasts from experts and industry leaders to teach, educate and enhance members personally and professionally.

How does Kaboudle PM work?

People can pay monthly membership subscriptions to access Kaboudle PM. Each member receives a discount card that gives back ten-fold with their everyday purchases (groceries, petrol, entertainment, restaurants). After joining Kaboudle, the member can also access the contents within the site depending on their membership plan.